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In 1985 the Coca Cola Company made one of the biggest bonehead moves in modern business history by announcing they were going to discontinue producing Coca Cola, the premier soft drink for nearly 100 years and replace it with "New Coke". New Coke was essentially undrinkable which made many people think that the Coca Cola Company had actually held Coke hostage because their market share had been slipping due to rival drinks. Taking away beloved Coke made people appreciate it more while making it mandatory to at least try New Coke. It was soon that New Coke disappeared and original Coke re-emerged as "Classic Coke" (now reverted back to just "Coca Cola"). If New Coke had replaced Classic Coke for much longer rival soda companies could have reproduced original Coke's recipe and filled that void. However, the Coca Cola Company almost immediately returned to making "Classic Coke" so no abandonment of its brand could be claimed.

Now another iconic American company, almost as old and certainly as beloved as the Coca Cola Company, has seemingly abandoned its brand, permanently. It is The Walt Disney Company. Because computer animation (CGI) was considered less expensive to produce than hand drawn animation, Disney announced that its feature, The Princess And The Frog, would be its last traditionally animated feature film. That was in 2009 and so far they've been true to their word. Even Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck and the other classic Disney characters now appear exclusively as CGI characters. 

Since so much of the "Classic Disney" style is dependent on it being hand drawn, CGI gives everything its own unique visual look, it would appear that the Walt Disney Company has abandoned its brand. After all, the "magic of animation", traditionally, has been due to the illusion of drawings come to life. Therefore, we feel the time has come to not only re-introduce traditional hand drawn animation to the American audience but also to re-establish the classic "Disney" art style, a style they themselves abandoned over five years ago.

Not only has enough time passed that the classic Disney style is now sorely missed, but a new generation of young fans are being born. This new growing demographic is the main cause of animated features such as Frozen becoming blockbusters after years of lackluster ticket sales for children's movies and the glut of "adult" animation on television. There is a generation of classically trained American animators who should be in the prime of their careers but are instead chronically unemployed who are available to help usher in the reemergence of hand drawn, "Disney" style animation in America.

To contribute to what we see as a inevitable movement to re-introduce the magic and dream-like quality of hand drawn animation to a generation of children who only know animation created by machines, we would like to introduce the first in a series of original animated movie projects; HummingBirds (

Produced in traditional hand drawn 2D animation.

Hummingbirds character model sheet.

Hummingbirds tells the story of a young hummingbird named Robin, her hummingbird girlfriends and her friend, Jerry the Squirrel, who live in the yard of a suburban Southern California home. A major theme of Hummingbirds is that the seemingly ordinary and mundane location of a suburban neighborhood is actually a world of wonder and adventure when seen through the eyes of the wildlife with whom we share our world.

Here is a short story from the Hummingbirds comic book featuring Herbie the Hummingbird.

Like the classic Disney movies of The Second Golden Age of Animation, Hummingbirds is a musical with music by award-winning music director Greg Piper (Just Imagine, One Night Only, A Day In His Life, Rock & Roll Rehab) and award winning animator and writer Neal Warner (Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy Award), Chicago International Film Festival, Los Angeles Animation Celebration).

A Day That Never Ends
song from HummingBirds
Music by Greg Piper, lyrics by Neal Warner

The sun is shining and all my friends are here to help spend the day
It's perfect timing to have all of them near, I like it this way

I came to play with all of my friends
Spending a day with them I hope never ends, I hope never ends

We go out shopping, the stores are all in bloom so we hit the mall
Then we go bar hopping and all the boys make room, we never pay at all

Cause we're here to play with all of our friends
I hope today's a day that never ends, that never ends

But sometimes they say to me, "Please proceed more cautiously.
The world is not as you perceive" but I just laugh when they say, "Don't you see?
You're living a life of fantasy."

Why should I worry when I'm still cute and young and life is so long?
And why need to hurry when I have just begun and I'm where I belong?

Cause I'm here to play with all of my friends
I hope today's a day that never ends, that never ends

And when they say to me, "Be aware of what you cannot see"
I remain still worry free because, you see, I don't believe
I'm living a life of fantasy.

It makes me wonder why some feel the need to fly so high
In the wild blue yonder? They are wild indeed but why say,"Goodbye"?

Why not just stay with all of your friends
Spending a day with them that never ends
Yes, I came to stay with all of my friends
I know today's the day that never ends

Paul Maged's Diamonds & Demons

 New York City recording artist and songwriter Paul Maged's sophomore album, "Diamonds & Demons" is the follow up to his debut record, "In My Time" which has been described as having a raw, garage band feel. "Diamonds & Demons" is produced by multi-platinum producer Sean Gill and to my ears the lead off single, "Look At Me", also has a garage band feel but with a catchy pop rock melody and the relatable lyrics of a band like Green Day. But that track is a bit of an anomaly. What follows is slicker and, well, prettier.

Blind Faith

"Images" has a retro vibe that reminds me of San Francisco psychedelic with a slight Bubble Gum/ Novelty Song feel but with some very good vocals, not garage band style at all. That's not to disparage the garage band sound, which I often like, but I usually assume the band can't help but sound that way and obviously Paul Maged is not so limited.

Paul Maged claims to have been influenced by Pearl Jam, Green Day, Billy Joel, Elvis Costello and R.E.M. but I hear more Bryan Adams and Steve Perry from Journey on his clean, clear, soaring vocal style and on songs like "Last Days" you can even hear the ghost of Neal Schon on guitar. On songs like "Blind Faith" he follows the tradition of popsters like Billy Joel in his harder rock guise and I suppose the Elvis Costello influence comes out in his lyric writing.

His press kit claims "Paul Maged is an artist for a new age, having taken the common definition of a Singer-Songwriter and blown it away, creating his own sound infused with punk, grunge, classic rock, indie pop and balladeer, in the form of an Alternative Rock Artist," but I don't hear "Alternative", I hear a pretty traditional (Classic) Rock and Roll singer backed by a very competent guitar based band.

This guy is a belter as shown on the track "Love & Loss In The Western World" and the more I hear of his "Diamonds & Demon" CD the less I like the video for the lead off track, "Look At Me". It really doesn't do him or the band justice (view video here as it doesn't seem to want to load on this site: If you go to his Youtube page there's a pretty cool video of him doing Led Zep's "Good Times Bad Times" that has a real good (although too low in the mix) version of Jimmy Page's groundbreaking guitar solo. The band in that video may be a different band than is on the "Diamonds & Demons" CD but it's a cool video.

Overall, in my opinion Paul Maged would be best served by getting one of the other tracks from the CD onto Modern Rock radio since visually he does seem a little garage bandish. He's not a bad looking guy, just too "boy next door" and not "rock star" enough to have a video really break him. It's his voice that should be doing all the talking. It's worth listening to.

A Salute to the return of "Just Imagine" Part 1

John Lennon fans, Beatles fans, Tim Piper fans & fans of the stage show rockumentary JUST IMAGINE can rejoice....the LIVE stage show we all love is returning to the Los Angeles area beginning August 1st 2014 for a limited engagement at the West Valley Playhouse in Canoga Park, CA.

Juliet Piper 5 STAR performance review

Live performance of original music Rating: 5 STARS June 23, 2014 Every so often you come across something very special. In music with all things being equal it is often difficult to distinguish true talent from manufactured tracks and multimedia sensationalistic concerts and shows. But true music rendered down to it's bare essence envelopes and draws the listener in without the need for all those other trappings. The proof is in the pudding as they say. This is what Juliet Piper does to the listener and her audience. Last Saturday night at The Guitar Merchant music store in Canoga Park Juliet took to the stage inside the establishments little theater in celebration of her recent graduation from UCLA as well as the recent release of her EP entitled “Wonder & Time”. Read the full article here:

AUG, Metal From The Meadowlands

If you like Ozzy Osbourne, Guns N' Roses, The Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden or Kiss does that mean you'll like AUG from Meadowlands, New Jersey? I don’t know but they were the host band for VH1’s That Metal Show’s Christmas Party for the past three years and Joe Lynn Turner, Faster Pussycat, LA Guns and Great White liked them enough to have them open for them and they headlined the Derby Ink Festival at the Hershey Arena in Harrisburg, PA, so a lot of people do dig them.

 Their new CD is titled Be Careful What You Wish For and “they” are Aug who sings lead vocals and plays guitar, Russ Latamer on drums, Rich Tanis on bass and Tommy Shauger who is the lead guitarist and sings.


With the people willing to work with them (see above) it’s pretty easy to imagine what AUG sounds like but you might be surprised. Their sound consist of, yes, hard rockin' guitars but with vocals that are surprisingly easy on the ears. Their overall sound is more Montrose and Sammy Haggar than Moterhead. They're hard rocking without the "evil" vibe of modern Heavy Metal even when they feature Satan in their lyrics (they almost have to if they want to qualify for the Metal sweepstakes). I guess you'd call them "Party Music". It's energetic enough to get your motor running without causing the anxiety of some Metal and as is appropriate with most Hard Rock / Heavy Metal the musicianship is very high. These guys are aiming to rock the rafters as us old rockers might say and I always appreciate a good guitar solo or two, or three, or four.

AUG is planning a European tour where their style of music has a huge following while Stateside the current musical style seems to be "alone in your room with a drum machine and Garageband on your Mac" so they may remain a cult favorite here which is unfortunate. That Metal Show has apparently discovered and is championing them so those who have the desire and the willingness to dig a little will most likely discover them sooner or later. After all, isn't it really more rewarding to have to work a little to find a gem like AUG that only you and your friends know? 

You can probably thank Spinal Tap (still a favorite of mine) for helping to destroy the credibility of Metal musicians since 1984 and AUG certainly could have been an influence for the Tap had they been around thirty years ago. Or maybe Spinal Tap was an inspiration to them? Certainly Ozzy is in their mix, somewhere, and it's in the feeling that Metal, no matter how "serious" the musicianship, is still a form of music played and listened to mostly just for the fun of it. AUG is a fun band to listen to and I hope that doesn't sound condescending or insulting because I mean it as an ultimate compliment.

Call your local Hard Rock radio station and request "Coming Home" or maybe their remake of the Toto classic, "Africa" and discover AUG for yourself. Let's face it, you've got to love a Metal band that would do a remake of a Toto song.

Finding The Lost Poets

The first impression I got from Stockholm, Sweden’s Grunge/Metal duo, The Lost Poets, is that they’re probably old guys. I say that because of their publicity graphic that shows two men in top hat and tuxedos but with black masks that completely obscure their faces. It instantly reminds me of Deft Punk or The Residents who play incognito. I know those bands have been around for decades and I assume they wear disguises to hide their age so The Lost Poets’ image makes me suspect they too are old pros. Also, their style is very Nineties Grunge on their new EP "Insubordia".

Really self-conscious or really, really racist?

Being a bit of a champion of new Baby Boomer Rock, which I refer to as Last Wave, thinking these guys might be old rockers makes me like them even more and makes their music that much more authentic. If, however, The Lost Poets are in their twenties, then I'd say they are into Retro Rock as their sound is from a past era. Even the second track on their EP, Die To Live, has the sound effects of a needle on a phonograph record. You'd have to be a bit older to even know what that sounds like unless you're one of the new crop of audiophiles who are trying to bring back vinyl LPs.

The title track, Insubordia, is a soulful, aucustic number that drives home the atmospheric vibe of this five song EP. The Lost Poets' press kit says they're from Stockholm, Sweden but that may mean that a band of Americans spent summer vacation chasing blondes in Scandinavia or that an American singer got a Swedish back up band, although The Lost Poets is apparently a duo, because this EP sounds as American as anything coming out of Seattle, Washington. Have national accents really disappeared from rock and roll this completely? If all the English and Australian actors currently starring in all our TV shows and movies playing Americans with "American" accents is any indication, music may also be losing its regional flavor, which would be a shame.

 Maybe they're just really ugly.

A quick check of the Internet shows that The Lost Poets' consist of singer and guitarist David Rosengren and Petter Ossian who claim to have been in bands since the Nineties (so they're not kids), and David has even played a gig at the Whisky in Hollywood so the Lost Poets are not complete strangers to our shores.

I'm still partial to guitar solos with my Metal and if a band is from someplace I think of as somewhat exotic I'd like their sound to reflect that background, but although The Lost Poets have neither of those things they are nonetheless a very good example of the kind of moody, lethargic (druggy), distorted guitar band scene that at one time spawned bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden and that's a good thing.

▶ Hummingbird - YouTube

Hummer shots I've taken, set to the music, "Hummingbird", written and performed by Juliet Piper on her 'Honesty' CD.

Plastic Yellow Band

I started out discovering South Carolina's "new Classic Rock" group Plastic Yellow Band by viewing the video to their song”Climate Change” from their “Breathe Air” CD on their website ( but found it too distracting. A nice enough video, it showed a young couple having young couple problems, weird stuff going on for the sake of weird stuff and pianist, guitarist and composer Gerald Jennings playing an old beat up upright.  Despite the video’s attempt to incorporate the new, modern, young world of today with the self described “Classic Rock” of Jennings, it really only made the differences that much more apparent. One thing the video did do was show that Gerald Jennings is no kid, making his “new Classic Rock” that much more authentic.

“New Classic Rock” was how I was describing my own music, having never mentally (or emotionally) left the Sixties and Seventies, until my sons explained to me that my music could never be “Classic Rock” as only music made in that particular time era, or new music made from the artists who were first established back then could be considered “Classic Rock”. They were absolutely right so I changed my music’s description to the more appropriate genre: “Neo-Classic Rock” and so should Plastic Yellow Band.

Naturally, I like the music of Plastic Yellow Band and consider it to be part of what I call “Last Wave” ( Maybe I’m wrong and Gerald Jennings is only twenty-two but has had a rough life, in that case I apologize, but he definitely has the soul of a Tim Moore (Second Avenue) or Emitt Rhodes (With My Face On The Floor) on tracks like “Lonely Place” and “Climate Change” but rocks Seventies style on “She’s My Woman” which features some fine slide guitar work which is one of the few American Southern touches on a CD that seems to relate “Classic Rock” to “British Rock”. When “old rockers” suddenly appear out of nowhere, fully formed, I wonder where they’ve been all this time? In Gerald Jennings' case in 2006 he sold the financial services business that he had founded, and formed ISI Studios to focus on music production. Definitely very “Last Wave”.

 “Nowhere” is the track where the “Classic” sound really kicks in with its acoustic guitar and sitar intro ala “Nowhere Man” as written by Billy Joel. Following “Nowhere” is “Nervous Stuff”, a song that has drone psychedelia that brings to mind The Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” with political rather than spiritual leaning lyrics. 

Rather than describe the songs of Plastic Yellow Band by comparing them to the songs that have obviously inspired them, which is not fair to anyone, Let me describe Plastic Yellow Band’s Breathe Air CD as an experience a kin to listening to late night FM radio on the West Coast back in 1972.

Plastic Yellow Band’s members include Gerald Jennings on guitar, keyboards and vocals, Joe Hurt on bass, Karl Derrick Tesch on drums, Stan Norton on guitar and Dana Rideout on vocals and lead vocal on “I Want To Feel Your Love”. For the 2014 debut CD  "Breathe Air" the group added Josef Patchen on piano and other keyboards, Joe Smith  on the great slide guitar work, Clay Lee playing the guitar synth, and Charles Yang on violin.

Utah Symphony Adds Dates to 2014 DEER VALLEY MUSIC FESTIVAL, 7/26

Deer Valley® Music Festival will feature an extraordinary rock 'n' roll celebration of the life and music of John Lennon starring look-and-sing-alike artist Tim Piper. "Just Imagine" intertwines John Lennon's songs with the stories behind them to create a unique and electrifying multimedia concert experience. Backed by rock band Working Class Hero (Greg Piper on bass; Don Butler on guitar, Morley Bartnof on keyboards and Jim Laspisa, subbing for Don Poncher on drums) Piper, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the late rock 'n' roll icon, channels Lennon in this critically acclaimed tribute.